Hi, I am Natalja Vikulina. I am London based artist and researcher.

Check out my work below

[art] territory of London
Hard Matter
Starting from Aristotle, philosophers were looking at what distinguishes live mater from non-animated world. Our essence as human beings is characterised by the division of life into vegetal and relational, organic and animal, animal and human. At the same time, since ancient time people were anthropomorphising non-animated nature by projecting their feelings and consciousness on to in-animate nature such as rocks, plants etc; in other words, by “animating” them.
The best view on this city
Film, Fine Arts
Sense of Place. Landscapes of Nizhny Novgorod. Part II
Out of Place
The project “Out of Place” acts as an archive of stories about the objects brought in UK by the Baltic Russian immigrants. The stories often intersect and overlay each other, and the identity of the place develops through the multitude of voices.
Film, Fine Arts, Sound Design
Palimpsests. Re-writing history
Series of prints and drawings exploring themes of memory, history and national identity
Fine Arts
Fine Arts, Photography
Landscapes of Nizhniy Novgorod
This photo essay was done during my residence in Nizhniy Novgorod and explores subject of memory and identity in the city.
Fine Arts, Photography
Autumn on the Shakespeare Street
Transnational Opera of Objects and People "Shibboleth"
Dainas Reimagined
This is a collaborative project between Natasha Vikulina and Eugene Sysoev done specifically for Riga Poetry Map exhibition
Fine Arts
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